Featured Artist

Nothing pulls a room together more than a work of art.
That’s why we’ve chosen to display a rotating selection of local artists on the walls of The Hutton House.

Our current in-house artist is Sarah Lund. We simply love Sarah’s work, known for its organic forms, lush textures, and graceful tones. Using our space as inspiration, Sarah created several custom pieces that are now displayed and for purchase on the second level of The Hutton House.

Sarah Lund

Sarah creates abstract art that beautifully blends sculpture and painting. Nestled in a historic late 1800’s house in the dreamy riverside town of Stillwater, MN with her husband, a fellow creative, she works out of a sun filled home studio painting these textural works of art. While her background in graphic design informs her process through balance, movement and form, her deepest influences root back to a lifelong captivation with nature. Within that, finding a connection to our own existence and the flow of life itself. Ethereal magic she works to infuse into each composition.

She is guided by the belief that one of the most wondrous things about art is holding a piece that reflects the beauty that already lives inside of you. This is the intention behind every painting and a piece of the joy and wonder she hopes to spread through her work.

You can shop Sarah’s collection online or contact her directly for personal custom paintings through her website.


If you are interested in showcasing your art at The Hutton House, please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing your work to our guests.